Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Online Shopping, Stubbornness and Weakness {Three Very Unrelated Yet Related Things}

Welp, Christmas is off to the races here.  We've got paper snowflakes, we've got wrapping paper, stocking stuffers, advent wreaths, school parties, advent calendars, Luke 2 recitations, paper chains and presents, presents, presents!  I did an amazing thing this year that saved me so much time and stress-I shopped almost exclusively online!  Yes!

Now if you know me well, you will know that I am totally and utterly opposed to changing my ways.  Sometimes this serves me well.  Sometimes it does not!  So much so, that I balk and mock such things like iPhones, texting, facebook, etc. until I simply must update and join the masses.  I eventually have to give in but usually not without dragging my feet!  However, since I'm fashionably late like this in so many areas (except in actually being late to events-in that I'm usually punctual), I always figure I'll catch up someday but until I must, I stick to my ways, no matter how inefficient.  This is stubburnness at its greatest by the way.  Total irrationality dressed up in dignity!  Ha!

By the way, I just got an iPhone a month ago.  Before that we didn't even have texting on our cell (and we're so stone ages that we share a cell phone-yes, we do).  And yes, it took me a few weeks to learn how to use the phone.  And I still write texts that are entirely too long!  I just refuse to "talk" texting talk!  It must be English people!

But I digress.  Back to online shopping.  In theory I'd love to go out to the stores, look at everything, feel everything and then pick something out that I know will light the faces of my children up.  But listen, I simply don't have time for such shenanigans anymore.  I just don't.  So instead of grinding my heels into the sand yet again, I turned to online shopping out of desperation and lo and behold, it won!  It's not that I've never bought anything online before.  It's just that I never did all of my Christmas shopping online.  This year, that's pretty much what occurred.

Just like Facebook, texting and the iPhone.  I've been won over.  I'm just fashionably late to the whole deal.  So shoot me eh?!

Onto other news.  This last week has marked a significantly wonderful increase to my overall health.  I don't know what was ailing me for about a month BUT I am happy to say that it is finally running scared.  Today I feel pretty normal.  Yesterday I did too.  It's amazing how we take our health for granted.  I can't tell you how many times I shuddered when I realized that many people schlep themselves through life on a daily basis not feeling well!  And really, I could easily be one of them.  It's an entirely difficult and discouraging thing to wake up morning after morning feeling zapped of energy before your feet hit the floor.

To be honest, I think God was really trying to teach me a lesson.  And He may not be done yet.  I am a creature that relies heavily on her own youth and strength.  I think most busy moms do.  I also have a huge difficulty in asking for help.  This combination can be deadly by the way.  I don't like putting other people out and I feel like my kids are my sole responsibility.  And these traits are good.  No one likes a mooch.  But sometimes, we are just weak.  Sometimes, we need to look around and ask others to care for us.  I think there is a difference in taking advantage of other people's kindness and just simply needing a real, honest to goodness rest.  We are called to work hard but when our legs give out beneath us, it's okay to reach for those around us.  Being strong by ourselves is about pride.  As a dear friend said to me recently, "Don't refrain from asking for help because you don't want people to think you can't do it.  That's pride.  Cut that out.  Be weak and ask for help!"

She loves me.  I took her criticism well, don't worry.

So I asked for help.  A few times.  It hurt my pride to do it.  But I literally had no other choice.  And I'm thankful that my body seems to be bouncing back.

Well, my littles are all waking up from their sleep and I've got piles, PILES of laundry to take care of all while making dinner. Hmmmm....I better sign off.

It felt good to let my fingers fly a bit.  I've missed all you people.  Hope you're doing well and that you're enjoying the Christmas season!

Talk soon....

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