Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Twins...

Four years apart!


When Nathan came out, Steve got a quick picture of him and he brought it over to me so that I could see him.  My first reaction was, "That's Josh!!"  He quickly agreed and then went back to take more pictures.  It wasn't until later though, that we realized just how much they look alike.
Daddy and Nathan

Daddy and Josh


We even discovered, upon looking at these old pictures, that their weights were nearly identical.  Their length was for sure.
Nathan getting weighed

Josh getting weighed (1/10 an ounce apart in weight)

I don't know if we'll be able to tell the difference between their baby pictures.  The only thing right now that stands out to us is that it seems Nathan has blue eyes and Josh has brown.  But Nathan's eyes could change so, who knows?

It's amazing how genes play into the whole thing.  Totally and completely amazing!!

We're doing well here.  Day #6 of having five children.  So far, Nathan has been a dream.  Steve and I have been simply marveling over him and drinking him in.  We love just holding him at night when the others are asleep watching his little facial expressions as he moves through sleep.  He's been the sweetest little thing and we just can't get enough of him.

I'm recovering well.  I've still got the major post belly pooch that will be around until my uterus shrinks down.  It always looks so funny too after a c-section because there's a big incision there creating a weird bump.  But I said "goodbye" to vanity a long time ago I guess...five children and four c-sections later.  I know, in time, all of those parts that were stretched out will find their way home again.  They always do.

I'm off to get a few minutes of shut eye before my big boys get back from Grandma's.  Nathan had his circumcision this morning so they went hiking while we did that.  By the way, have I mentioned that our transition has been made so much better because of our parents?  Both sides of parents have been champions (they always are really).  And both of them helped us out tremendously over their anniversary weekend.  Not only was it Isaac and Steve's birthday, it was also both parents' anniversary-my parents on the 10th and Steve's parents on the 12th (Isaac and Steve's birthday).  That time in August is really busy for our families and we just made it even busier with Nathan's birth!!  

So Congratulations Yia Yia and Pa Pou Georgatos on 38 Years and Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa Dauphin on 40 Years.  We love you both and appreciate you SO much.

One day, Lord willing, we'll be helping our kids with our grandchildren and we'll be celebrating 40 (ish) years.  What a blessing!!


  1. What a beautiful blog and beautiful children.
    I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed this.
    I am Marny Warren's Aunty Jenny

  2. so sweet! love the old pics and the new ones!

  3. those pictures are precious. those newborns are addicting. i must see him soon!