Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little Music

Music with Daddy at bedtime.

The evening hours have been a bit long around here since Nathan's been born because it's not so easy right now to get out and wile away the time.  So we've been trying to pull some things out of our hat instead of always putting on a movie.  However, truth be told, they have been able to watch more movies than normal. It's just the way it is.

The key is this though, whatever the activity, it can't make a huge mess because we've already done our big pick-up for the night.  

We hadn't broken out the guitar in awhile.  Yet within minutes, we were kicking ourselves for not doing so.  When we were "younger", we used to play and sing together all the time.  Why haven't we remembered the guitar or the piano?  It's been since last Christmas that we've done any sort of real singing together.  Yet every time, the kids immediately run for instruments and want to "play" along with whatever they can find.  Steve and I love to sing/play together.  Why don't we do this more?

Yet another insight to be gained during this crazy post postpartum period.  Thankful for these nights-the after dinner run until bedtime...even though they can be long at times.  Thankful for all these little people that love to make "music" with their Mommy and Daddy, even if it is raucous at best.  We definitely couldn't form our own little band of coherent music but, we can all be together doing something fun (instead of sibling fighting, whining, zoning out or making more messes).  I know other families that do this too.

Got to keep those little hands busy and music is a great way to do it.

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  1. And I hope there was a little danceparty going on, too? Our kids love the dance party competition with Ethan picking songs, starting and stopping them and judging who had the most fitting dance for the music. And it really tires the kids out!