Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's That Time Again

Things have been a bit dreary here lately due to various sicknesses. So when a lull in the action hit the other night, in the hopes of lifting some spirits (including our own), Steve and I jumped on the opportunity to have our first jammy ride of the season.

It was a hit-for sure. Cheesy smiles all around. And lots of sticky hands and faces. Sounds about right.

Since it was the first one in awhile, we thought we'd get it on video. Don't laugh at my haggard appearance-vanity almost kept me from posting the video but, then I threw caution to the wind. Remember, at this point, it had been many days of sickness (post camping too) and not a lot of upkeep if you, ahem, know what I mean.

But it was a lot of fun! Jammy rides in the summer are simply THE BEST! If you haven't tried one yet, DO IT! Who doesn't love prolonging bedtime and getting ice cream instead? Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.

But seriously, it is fun and a great way to lift spirits that are waning. Hope you're all having a great week full of fun summer activities. Until next time...


  1. First of all - I don't think you look haggard. :-) And how fun... great idea.

  2. Ha - Sorry... I was on Trav's google account. This is Jenny F. :-)

  3. I love the triple-decker bunk bed! Do you have all 4 children in the same room? That's awesome! I'd love a post on how you have 4 children in your house (because from appearances, it "looks" small ;) We also have a small home with 2 bedrooms, but I'd love to make it work for however long God has us in this town and however many children we need in this home. Though our culture seems to think we need a bedroom for every child or a bigger home, we don't think so, and I'd love to know more about how a family practically makes it in a "smaller" home. Less is more, right? :) GOD IS GOOD! Hope you had a fabulous jammy ride, and happy almost 1st birthday to Elle!!

  4. P.S. I hope I don't sound intruding or anything! (in regards to my above comment) :) :)

  5. Amber,

    Of COURSE not! Yes, all four kids sleep in one room and I can for sure write all about it. We do live in a very small little house-you're right. So great to hear from you. Can you believe our little ones are almost 1? Time sure flies. God bless you Amber.