Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So, I do love to write and I love to express things I'm thinking about through writing. However, I do not claim to have really any idea what I'm talking about. Mostly, I just write what I'm learning and what makes sense to me.

But I'm no expert-and my kids are still very young.

So....when I write about parenting, I am writing our story, our journey. That's all. We make plenty of mistakes every single day.

And since most of what you hear about is the "good stuff", I thought I'd just throw out some teasers for fun of what crazy things happened to me and my children today-that is just today. And stuff like this happens all the time...at least it keeps things interesting.

First of all, lunch time around here is ALWAYS crazy, no matter how I slice it. I try to prep, I try to think ahead, but feeding all of the boys and nursing the baby (then feeding her) ends up being an arduous, and often wild task. I plan ahead as best I can and then I just hold on for the ride, never knowing what's going to actually happen. So today lunchtime was crazy and messy. The dishes are still in the sink and I've resolved to leave them there until I've had a few minutes to actually sit. Once that has happened, I'll be up and dealing with them.

Secondly, my boys like to do dishes. Oh how nice that sounds. When I say they do dishes you think doing the dishes like any normal adult would. (I'm not talking about unloading the dishwasher because they do okay at that-I'm talking about washing dishes). Although they do try, their "dishes" usually consists of them pulling out all of my kitchen gadgets, funnels and contraptions-the wind-up cheese grater is a favorite (I usually have to limit them or they'll get into everything) and then when they're done, the entire kitchen floor is soaked. Every time they need a change of clothes. So this morning, they were incredibly helpful and they did dishes for me right before lunch...maybe the wet floor added to the craziness? Who knows?

But the kicker today was Joshy. Poor Joshy. I was nearing the end of crazy hour when Joshua goes down for his nap. Elliana goes down right after him. I was reigning everything in and taking Joshua potty for the last time before sleep and he was playing with a Transformer while going potty. Yes, I probably shouldn't have allowed that but at this point, I didn't care. Since he wasn't quite paying attention, he pushed too hard on the stool and fell headlong, yes headlong into the toilet. He did a straight nose-dive. Lucky for him, there wasn't anything in it yet. And lucky for me, he wasn't really hurt. I couldn't catch him because I had Elle in my arms and so when he fell, I threw her in her crib (just a foot away from where Josh was) and then scooped him out of the toilet. He wasn't pleased-at all. So he got himself a nice shower and the Transformer, the beloved Bumblebee, will be getting a "bath" as well.

These are just the big things people and it's only midday.

So, just in case you think that I've got things all together, just ask someone who lives by me or take my word for it.

I don't. I never will. I pray for God's grace to make it.

And I try and laugh as much as possible.

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