Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy Week

It's been a busy week here thus my silence. School is winding down for the husband and so he gives finals next week. That means he's working all day today. It's funny how him having just one weekend free from responsibility last weekend has made this weekend mentally difficult for me. It's like running and finishing a half marathon and then in your cool down/walk time someone tells you to run again but just for a quarter of a mile. It's really not a far distance but it literally hurts and you don't know if you'll make it. Kind of like that. I keep reminding myself to breathe today.

But some really great things have happened this week and we've done some fun stuff. First things first, Ally is doing really well. Her parents weren't sure if she'd be able to go in for surgery this week due to her having a cough. And if you remember, last time for the Craniosynostosis, she had a very slight cough and they would not go ahead. But, for some reason this time (possibly since it was a less serious surgery and didn't require her laying on her back asleep for as long), the doctors still wanted to forge on. So she had surgery on Tuesday and has been recovering really well. Thank you to all who were praying for her this week.

Two of my friends had babies this week as well. One of them came on Thursday and he was the first boy in a family that already had three daughters. I keep joking with his mom that we need to have a yearly camping trip so that our opposite sex children (who are all around the same ages) can "meet" over the years. Ha ha. I was really happy for them though. Such a sweet little man he is!

One of my best friends from Cal Poly had her baby last night. I haven't talked with her directly yet but, it is quite the story (as told from her sister to me on the phone last night). I got the benefit of a phone call since I don't have texting...being stuck in the last century does have its benefits! Pretty much, to sum it all up, she didn't make it to the hospital. Her husband delivered the baby in their bedroom, their second-another son, and she rocked it. Her first labor had been long and she was in the hospital the entire time. I knew she wanted things to go differently this go around. And different it was. She felt like things were going along just fine and then all of the sudden things ramped up quick. Too quick to do anything about. The baby came and they all got an ambulance ride to the hospital. Baby was totally fine and perfectly happy wrapped up in his mama's arms while the chaos ensued around him. And to everyone's surprise, big brother, who is not yet two, slept through the entire thing. However, me on the other hand...I seriously could not sleep for awhile last night after hearing the story because I was so wound up from the whole ordeal. Now I can't wait to meet that little adventurer.

Speaking of adventures, we've inherited a pet snake in our backyard. Three times this week we've had to call Steve home from work to come and get the snake. And three times he's taken it elsewhere on campus to get it out of our yard. Well, either this snake has babies somewhere nearby or just really likes us because it keeps coming back. And it's a big one. It seems harmless but, snakes just make me a tad nervous if I'm being honest. Not my favorite creatures.

We've made a few meals for families in our church who just had babies and that is always so much fun for me. And yesterday, we entered some Brownie Pops into the Appetizer Contest at Steve's work. I don't think I won because I probably would know by now if I did. However, it was really fun to try something new and be creative with it. I think I'll make those again for a shower or something.

Steve had his annual Boat Races this week too. So the boys and I ventured over to get a piece of the action. They're always a lot of fun. And the entire school comes out to watch.

All three boys had ice cream dates with Daddy on separate nights too and one night we watched Daddy and his other colleagues play in the Staff vs. Resident Students Basketball Game. It was as if their Dad was a star. I've never seen my boys so excited to see anything. Isaac kept saying, "Dad didn't score any baskets but he sure had some sneaky passes!" Let's not tell him why Dad didn't score any baskets-ha ha! And Caleb was screaming at the top of his lungs for him. Hilarious. Now that the older two especially are getting into sports, I think it's really fun for them to see Steve play in an actual game. Joshy doesn't quite get it all yet but if you ask him who his favorite Giants' player is, he'll tell you Buster Posey. Not bad.

And this little stinker has decided to get up nearly every night this week to make her presence known. She hasn't done it quietly either but has been nursing and then screaming when I put her back to bed. The first time I tried everything to get her to go back down since it was so unusual for her to be up. She never went back to sleep. Every night since she's been up and crying after I nurse her. She doesn't need to nurse (and normally she doesn't) but she still will wake up occasionally and so when she does, I usually feed her and she goes right back out quietly. But not this week. So, after two nights of that, we finally said enough. Luckily the boys are used to sleeping right through crying because she's been exercising her lungs quite a bit. My goodness she is so darn cute but her antics just won't fly with me, no matter how darling she is. Not gonna fly. She's normally a pretty great sleeper. Who knows what's going on with her. I'm not even going to try and figure it out because you never know; it's always a guessing game.

All in all, it's been a great week. Just a bit busy mentally and physically. I think I need to go bury myself in a book now before having to set the table for our Sabbath Dinner. I'm reading through The Hiding Place again by Corrie Ten Boom. Such an amazing book.


Have a great weekend! And Happy Sabbath and Lord's Day!

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  1. yes, what a busy but blessed week! thanks for your prayers and encouraging words, nikki. can't wait till you can meet our little guy. :) and by the way, that last picture of elianna is absolutely A.DOR.A.BLE!!! what a cutie!