Thursday, January 20, 2011

My One Weakness

Every night, after the kids go to bed, I pull this trusty old friend out of my freezer and let it sit out to soften.

Then I drag out my 1/2 cup and pack it as tight as I can--always putting some extra on top. You know, just so there's some portion control (I learned that trick from my Weight Watchers days post college).

Some nights I have one half cup...some nights two. It kinda depends on what kind of day I had.

I do this every single night and I NEVER tire of it. There's just something about Safeway Select, Light Moose Tracks Ice Cream that I simply adore. I don't know what it is. It's comfort food to me. It helps me unwind.

It's my "one weakness."

What's yours?


  1. Pretty much ate ice cream tonight too :) I don't buy it very often because I would definitely eat it during every nap time and bed time :) what a wonderful way to have a break!

  2. um, you name cream is definitely a favorite

  3. Chocolate is my general weakness, but I would dare say I am actually addicted to chocolate milk (fat free or 1% with Hershey's Syrup, not the store bought kind). I drink about 1-2 glasses daily (more milk than Annaliese right now!

  4. Trader Joe's Coffee Bean Blast!!!

  5. One I only choose one? I love me some gummy candy (sour patch kids are high on the list) and I can kill a bag of chili cheese fritos. This sounds disgusting!

  6. It's definitely not a weakness! It's a reward for a Mom who has wiped noses (and bottoms),who's given many hugs, tons of encouragement, played games, baked bread, made cookies, washed footprints off floors, and who has kept track of four little ones going in many different directions. Put your feet up, Nikki, and enjoy every single Moose track!! :)