Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ally Update

First of all, I want you to know how thankful our family is for all of you and your prayers for our little Ally. Her parents and brothers felt such an overwhelming amount of love knowing that so many were lifting them up in prayer. The body of Christ is an amazing thing is it not?

Currently, Ally's surgery has yet to be scheduled. There is the possibility that they might be able to get her back in this coming Friday. That would be the best case scenario since her family is already geared up logistically, mentally and emotionally for the surgery. Pray for this!! But if they can't get her in on Friday, then it will probably occur sometime next month.

We're thankful. We're thankful for an excellent team of doctors. We're thankful for their wisdom to hold off. We're thankful that although it won't be easy logistically for Ally's family to do, that the surgery can be rescheduled at a future time. And we trust that God's hand is in all of the details.

But most of all, we're thankful for this little one...

She's the reason we continue to pray, petition and ask for God's protection and grace.

I'll keep you updated.


  1. Oh bummer it got postponed! I feel as though that would just be so frustrating, as you just prepare yourself so much emotionally. I'm glad the Doctors were wise and said, Let's keep her as safe as possible, though.

    We'll keep lifting her in prayer... thanks for the updates.

  2. Yes Jenny! She had been sick the week before and still had a slight, residual cough. Her lungs were clear but, they were worried about the anesthesia, her being on her back for many hours and not being able to clear out the mucous if needed...evidently, it's a recipe for pneumonia. So...even though she was seemingly healthy, they still couldn't go ahead with it-not with such a big surgery. As I'm sure you would understand, it was hard to swallow but they're trying to be as cheerful as they can and are hoping to get her in soon.

  3. Keeping you all in prayer. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.