Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, I've been out of town and then sick for the past few days so the blog has been neglected. Sorry. Let me just tell you, we had a great time visiting San Luis Obispo for AGO's annual football tournament. It's always so fun to see old friends and hang out. Friday night we made our usual stop at our beloved Mondeos for dinner and then spent the evening with the Weeks. Debbi and I of course made a run out to Balis frozen yogurt. The boys loved camping out at Grandma Debbi's. Then the next morning we hit the Pismo Dunes.

Kappa (Cal Poly) Actives in green and alumni in blue. Even through the years, the brotherhood stays strong. We have such wonderful, lasting friendships from AGO. We love coming back to this tournament every year.

This year was the first since having children that wasn't stressful for me. I almost couldn't believe it. Usually I spend a really short time out at the beach and then trek everyone back to SLO for naps and a much needed time of respite. But this year, aaaahhhh, this year, was wonderful. We got out to the beach at 8:30 am and didn't leave until 1 o'clock. The boys were all content to play in the sand building castles and tunnels. I hardly did anything with them except for feed them some snacks. Elliana nursed and then slept in the carrier and I actually got to have some conversations with people. Amazing. It's never happened before. Usually I am so exhausted by the end of it but it felt doable this time. I think my kids are getting a bit older. It's also so fun to see our kids playing with our friends' kids. It's a really special time of all getting together.

We then spent the afternoon at a dear friends' house who lives close to the beach letting the little ones nap and the older kids play. It was really great. The guys went back to play a last game of football and us women did what we do best-talked. So fun. That evening we skipped the alumni party to hang out with our buddies up in Paso. They couldn't come to the party and we just couldn't let the weekend go by without seeing them. It is so rare that we get to sit around and talk uninterrupted with them, or any of our college friends, so we just soaked up the time. So refreshing. So encouraging. We just love them.

Sunday we came home early for Steve to finish up working on his projects due Monday for his grad school class. Yet by the time we got home, I was really sick. It came on suddenly and I ended up with a case of the 24 hour stomach flu. Bummer. I'm much better today. And Steve had to stay up nearly all night, but he got his projects turned in. Poor guy ended up taking care of the kids most of the day instead of finishing up his work. My Dad came by and brought us dinner though and helped out for awhile. And then Steve's mom took the younger boys this morning so I could regain some strength and sleep it off. I'm very thankful for family. It always amazes me how a little illness like that can really set us back for awhile. Good thing I don't get sick all that often.

But when I do, I always have favorite book put into movie's been my friend for years now. I've watched it while in labor to make myself smile or also just for fun. It's six hours long and I have it memorized. Last night the hubby turned it on for me. Ahhh Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. You make me so happy when I feel so horrible. I think it's time for me to read the book-again. I'll never forget the first time I read it for my high school AP English class the summer before my senior year. Good times.

Well, I must go get a bit more rest before the littlest boy wakes up. He's the one that keeps me on my toes these days. Until next time...

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