Thursday, January 14, 2010

Somebody help me...I'm already nesting!

Something has come over me these past few days. Maybe I'm wising up and realizing that in about four short months I'm not going to get anything done for about a year. Or maybe I'm just starting to get some 2nd trimester energy. I don't know. But I've been blitzing through my house these last few days. There are so many small things that never get done because of the constant picking up, maintenance and daily chores. You all know this. I don't need to say anything more. However, these small things have been bothering me for, well, I don't know...since Joshua was born? Scary!

For example, I hadn't washed my windows for who knows how long but today, I did it. They were disgusting and I vowed to NEVER let them go that long again. We'll see if that vow holds any weight or not. Life just gets in the way. And when it comes to making dinner or washing the windows, well dinner usually stands higher on my priority list and it should. But it's nice to get these things done every once in awhile. I've also got a pretty good Goodwill pile going and I cleaned out our bookshelf. But the biggest accomplishment was the Playroom. That room was a disaster and needed a lot of work but I couldn't get to it for a long time. First, over Christmas Break, my husband installed a lock on the closet door and all of the toys went in there. However, they weren't organized one bit and I needed some shelving. Lo and behold, my mom showed up yesterday with a shelf she no longer needed and we got to work. Here's the finished product.

I just got so tired of how long it would take my kids to pick up toys and all of the millions of pieces that I'd find all over the house. So now, they get to take out one thing at a time. Currently, they have their trains and train tracks out and that's it. It's wonderful. They can pick up so quickly and there's never a huge mess. Plus, it forces them to be satisfied with one thing for awhile. If they want something else, they have to put the other stuff away. Here's a little note though...I had wanted to do this for awhile but I didn't think my kids could handle it. They were still too small with little attention spans. But now that the older two can play together for long stretches of time with one set of things like trains, I knew it was time to start...mostly for my own sanity!! If you still have really little ones it may not work.

I don't know why I've been so productive. Maybe it's because my oldest has had the stomach flu for the past few days and so I've been cleaning and disinfecting the house anyway.

Sidenote: you definitely know you're a parent when you're mopping up puke in the middle of the night and scrubbing it out of your child's hair in the bath. His hair still smelled for days. Both Steve and I agreed that although this wasn't our first time experiencing this, it definitely was the worst and it won't be the last!
But even though I spent the night lying next to poor little Isaac on the floor and hardly slept a wink, I wouldn't have been anywhere else. It's just the way it is. God gives us such a love for our kids doesn't He?

Isaac's also gotten to watch a lot of movies due to him being under the weather (a big treat because our kids don't watch much TV) and so my older two have been pretty distracted. I don't know where the motivation has come from but I'll take it. I still have to work on our bedroom and the boys' closet. But I need more shelving for that and the hubby is probably going to build some. We've got a little house (less than 1000 square ft) and we've got to make room for one more. But really, we've got plenty of room. As long as I can remember to keep purging and if I can get smarter about where things go, we'll be just fine.

So even though I'm nearly half-way done with this pregnancy and just a few pounds heavier than normal... after all the purging, I still feel 10 lbs lighter!


  1. So proud of you! Good job girl! Praise God for your strength and motivation! I need some of that purging/cleaning energy and I'm not even preggers (and Annaliese is >1!) I love the pic of your baby bump (obviously taken by someone older than 4 this time). Love you and can't wait to see you all this weekend!

  2. Nikki, You are beautiful!!
    Happy Nesting too.

  3. Nik, Just discovered your blog, love your writing and miss your wisdom! Congrats on #4, you are such a sweet mama! Love ya.