Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's Been Going On

It has been quite a month here at the Dauphin household. August is always crazy for us because we have so many birthdays and anniversaries floating around but this year was particularly busy. I haven't been posting all that often because I've literally been running from one event to the next but have been having a fabulous time doing so though. Here are a few highlights to catch you all up on where we've been.

August 2nd- Auntie Sarah's birthday and family party
August 6-8th- Church camping trip at Plaskett Creek
August 9th- Mom and Dad Georgatos' 35th Wedding Anniversary Celebration and Dinner
August 10th- Steve's first day back to work full-time for meetings
August 12th- Steve's 30th Birthday and Isaac's 4th Birthday; Isaac's neighborhood birthday party; Grandma and Grandpa Dauphin's 37th Anniversary
August 14th- Season Opener Forty-Niner Game against the Broncos; Steve and I went with my brother and his wife, Theodora
August 15th- Steve's 30th Birthday Party
August 17th- Steve's first day of school
August 18th- My Dad's birthday and mini party at the park
August 22nd- My 10 year high school reunion

So there you have it. I've got all sorts of things to post about but I've just been too plain tired to do it. I'll catch up this week. Things are starting to slow down now as we head into the fall. Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year so I can't wait for it to come. August you were full of fun but September, I'm ready for a bit of Indian Summer (just a bit), the start of football season here at the school, sweaters at night, homemade soup, the anticipation of the holidays and to welcoming routine back into our lives. After this last month, bring it on.


  1. Whoa, boy. A mellow September is in definitely in order!

  2. Thanks, Nikki, for all you do for your family and our family-- celebrations, balloons, cakes, friends, snacks, and lots of fun. I hope you find some time to pause, reflect, and get some TLC.