Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Birthdays

So as all of you now know, my best friend and hubby, Steve and our oldest child Isaac, share a birthday. This year was Steve's 30th so of course we had to throw him a big party. And since Isaac is still small and birthdays are important to him, he had to have a party as well. So as you can see, I had some work to do.

On the big day, we had our normal birthday routine of streamers upon waking, cinnamon rolls and the opening of presents.

Everyone had a great time especially Joshua. In just a few short weeks it'll be his first birthday!!

That night we had a few neighbors come over for cake and ice cream. The kids ran around in the backyard and played in the playroom inside. It was a really simple birthday but everyone had fun. Isaac wanted a Thomas cake so I attempted the train cake. It turned out all right. Good thing I have many years to practice this cake decorating thing before they really get old enough to care!!

So that was Isaac's birthday.

Steve's 30th Party was a lot more hoopla. Since I was already very busy that week with everything else (hence my last post) I decided to try and keep things as simple as possible. The evening started out with a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee at the school and then the hungry players came back to our house for a BBQ. We had friends come from far away like Fresno and San Luis Obispo, and then we had family, a few friends from church and neighbors attend. It truly was a special time of honoring my amazing husband. And we feasted in his honor!

Steve's Dad and brother gave him a toast to being 30 and that was wonderful. And then one of his longtime best friends from Cal Poly gave him the sweetest, most meaningful tribute. It was really special and meant a lot to Steve. Thanks Andy! Of course there was tons of food, tons of cake and tons of fun. A few highlights include a bounce house borrowed from our neighbors to provide fun for the 20+ kids who attended, the toasts, catching up with friends who live far away and seeing my husband be so blessed by his friends and family. It was a truly blessed time. After all of the festivities died down, the guys planted themselves in the back for some guy time around the chimenia. A great end to a great evening.

I also just had to mention that I couldn't have pulled the night off without all of the help given to me by my dear friends. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law helped with food. My parents and in-laws helped police my children that day so that I could work. My dear friend Monica helped keep my watermelons cold in her fridge and picked up the cake. And then Steph and her little posse helped pull off all of the last minute details when they arrived an hour before the party. Seriously, without all of that help, I would've fallen over and just died. Thank you! I have great friends and family!

Steph, was my right-hand woman all night and most of the evening we had babies strapped to our backs!! I love the ERGO! And Steph, you're a trooper! Love you!

And there's the lady who brought my wonderful husband into the world! She even let him have his birthday on her anniversary (although I think she was just glad he was out because he was over two weeks late!!) Thanks Mom for raising such a great son. Now our family gets to enjoy and benefit from all of the hard work you and Dad sowed into him. I really am grateful! I pray we can be so diligent with our sons.

The birthday season in our family will come to a close at the end of September but for now it's died-down quite a bit. I had a ton of fun but am grateful to get a few weeks off until our little Joshy turns 1.

Until next time...


  1. Looks like it was a blast! Great work, Nikki. Glad you had the help you needed. Miss you all.

  2. This was probably the grandest birthday celebration that we can remember for Steve. Thanks, Nikki, for your gift of hospitatlity. We still can't believe Steve's 30! We're so thankful for such a great son, and we love his precious wife and sons!

  3. Way to go Nikki! What a super mom and wife ... pulling off such a big party and doing it all with a baby strapped to your back! Looks like a really fun time :)