Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Littlest Little

My little soldier is growing up.  He just recently hit five months.  I can't believe it.  The other day I caught him up on all fours rocking.  What??  When did this happen?  My heart immediately began pounding out of my chest as I thought about my littlest being old enough to crawl!  The mama pride in me swelled and my heart broke all at the same.  Conflicting emotions are a funny thing arent they?

In some ways he's so much easier now as he flies fast toward six months and in others he's getting more difficult.  Totally typical.  But every day that passes with him, I'm more and more in love with him.

The way he stares at me with a silly grin when someone else takes him from my arms making sure he knows right where I am at all times, or the way he jumps and squeals in delight at his siblings making over him, how he nuzzles close when he nurses totally content and filled by the love and nourishment he's receiving, how he sleeps on my shoulder in the early morning hours as we rock back to sleep, and how he marvels at the world of colors, lights and sounds around him.

He is a gift.  A precious gift.

We love you little Nathan.  Our irreplaceable fifth.  Our fourth son.  Everything is new all over again because God gave us you.  And no one is quite like you.

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