Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My New Best Friend

I have wanted boots like these babies for about a year.  And I have had a gift card to a cute little boutique shop that sells shoes since my birthday in March.  A couple of weeks ago I finally went down to the store and tried on some boots.  While at the little shop, I fell in love with one pair but they didn't have my size.  The style and price were all perfect!  But the size was not.  Boo!  They only had 7s and I needed a 6 1/2.  If my husband wasn't there I would've just bought the boots and worn thick socks.  But my husband, Mr. Logical, reminded me that it was best to get the right size or my feet might hurt or even get blisters.  Whatever.  I wanted those boots and I never get to go shopping.  I wondered if I'd even get another chance to get down there before next year.  Plus, isn't beauty pain??!  I was also hoping to get a pair before we took our family pictures the weekend we were in SLO.  I ended up having to borrow some.

After that rare shopping trip, I made every effort to get my hands on a size 6 1/2 to no avail.  I made multiple phone calls.  I looked online.  The more I was turned down, the more determined I became.  After many failed attempts I thought I had finally gotten them when the store said they were back in.  So I had them hold a pair, only to make it all the way down to the store (40 minutes from home) to find out that they were the wrong style.

People, this is why I never go shopping.  Too much hassle.  Too much heartache.  And not enough time to deal with other peoples' incompetencies.

But I was determined and I must say, in the end, my stubbornness finally won out.

Saturday night Steve and I got out on our first date without Nathan.  I have finally gotten the little man to go down at 7 pm and only be woken for feedings until the next morning, so I knew I could safely leave Nathan for two hours or so.  In the evenings, he sleeps so soundly, kinda like, you know, a baby!!  Ha!  Steve had taken an 8 hour exam that day and so I arranged for us to head out to a late dinner while my parents put the other kids to sleep.  My parents live pretty close to downtown so in an effort to be close by if the baby decided to balk at my careful planning, we went there for dinner.  But I also had an ulterior motive.

I wanted those boots gosh darnit and I was going to look at the shop again.  While I was packing for the day at my parents' house, I remembered my gift certificate on the off chance I might actually get to use it this time.

After checking with the workers I quickly discovered they didn't have the boot I wanted.  So I went searching.  I was going to find one just like it.  And my hard work paid off.  They had one that looked nearly identical.  In fact, I think it was even cuter than the one I really had wanted.  I cringed when I asked for the 6 1/2 thinking that they probably wouldn't have it and I would have fallen in love with yet another pair of boots I couldn't have.

But I was wrong.  Out walked the saleslady with those adorable boots and once I slipped them on, I knew it was worth the wait.

They were perfect.

I'm not very stylish and I'm usually way behind the times on these sorts of things.

But I understand now how a pair of boots can be a girl's best friend.

Because currently that's what they are...they go with me wherever I go.

We're pals ya know.  I feel so trendy, so "with it", so I don't know, stylish!  Ha ha!  Just me and my silly brown boots.  

And P.S. Don't tell him I said this but the husband was right :).  It definitely feels good to be wearing the right size.    

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