Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And.....I'm Back!

So, last week was insane.  Just plain insane.  I didn't even open my blog which is VERY unlike me.  It's my sixth child for heaven's sake but last week it simply didn't exist.  Sorry for the delay but, so many crazy fun things were happening that I simply had to live life and not comment on it!
Birthday Buddies-They're born a day apart so we always share their party!  
Also, in case any of you were wondering about my blog being infected with malware, it isn't.  I had a link on my bloglist that evidently is dealing with malware but I deleted it until they get it figured out and my blog was not affected.  I hope that helps and calms any fears you may have had regarding my site.  I'm just a simple little blog here...not a big website.  Hopefully I won't have to deal with problems like that!
Chillin' in Uncle Pete's arms
Okay, so since I've kept you all waiting in suspense as to what's going on in my rather boring life, I thought I'd update you on a few pertinent things and then tell you all a big story that will for sure help you feel much better about yourself and more at ease in your parenting.  You'll be able to snicker and laugh at me thinking to yourself smugly, "Well, at least I haven't ever done THAT!"  You may even question my ability to manage my children well because this is definitely a story that shows I'm not up to snuff all of the time, much less perfect in any way :).
Birthday Breakfast of Cinnamon Rolls
But first things first.  We had a slew of celebrations last week:  Grandma's birthday, Joshua's 4th birthday, parent/teacher conferences, shopping for presents, baking galore for class treats, cakes, birthday breakfast/dinner and the weekly cookie stand, my brother and his girlfriend visiting, and a shower for Nathan and me.  It was glorious.  People were so generous.  Joshua was celebrated and blessed.  But boy am I exhausted.  Everything from shopping for presents to decorating a Thomas cake just about wore me out...in a good way of course.
Bows and Arrows at Grandpa's House
Now I have the pile of laundry to tackle and just the "normal" activities of everyday life.  Bring it.  I'm ready.
The Thomas Cake
I'm also ready to make a confession about a major mommy fail I was a part of a little over a week ago.  In fact, my folly was actually the whole entire situation.  It was a debacle and I was quite the spectacle.  So without further ado, I give you, our innocent trip to Target.
Elle and Uncle Pete at Josh's Party
Recently a new Target opened fairly close by.  When I say fairly close, I mean within 20 miles.  Pretty much everything worthwhile is about that far away.  We have one that is a bit closer but it's not as nice so, I decided we'd try out the new one to see what it was like.  That was my first mistake-heading into seemingly unknown territory on a busy Saturday in Santa Cruz with all five kids and no husband.  I often take the kids with me on errands by myself.  And I don't mind it one bit.  But I don't often do it to places I don't "know" and have a plan for, and the family friendly people are not around nearly as much on a Saturday as during the week.  So the environment was not as conducive to us either.  But I did it anyway.  I had presents to get and things needed for Joshua's upcoming birthday party at the park.  Like I said, these things don't scare me.

We made it through our list fairly well.  Everyone was listening.  Nathan wasn't screaming.  We found all of our items quickly and even scored on a great present for a birthday party taking place at our house that evening (for one of Isaac's classmates).  I was feeling good.  All eyes were on us as we wheeled through Target but the children were doing wonderful and so I had nothing to be ashamed of.  That is, until we began our descent toward the cash register.

Now when I say "descent", I mean it.  We were on the second floor of this particular Target.  And being as though it has two floors, it has a very handy escalator that takes you up to the second story with ease.  Who doesn't like moving stairs huh?  My kids think they're about the coolest thing ever so they happily rode the ride up and were very glad to be doing it again on the way down.  But Target isn't like a department store.  There is this crazy thing called a shopping cart that has to be carted up to the second story somehow.  And so to solve the problem, some fancy engineers created a shopping cart escalator made just for the cart.  All you do is simply push the cart onto the track and it catches it and carries the cart up for you.  Everyone thought it was so clever as they watched our cart ride right alongside us on the way up.  It was brilliance on all accounts and very cheap entertainment.

The only thing about these escalators is that they absolutely forbid children riding on them.  So, there is a big sign that says, "NO CHILDREN ALLOWED".  That means, that every sane, normal and good parent, removes their child from the cart before pushing said cart into the special escalator.  Easy enough.  It makes sense.  And on the way up, I remembered.  The only one who rides in the cart is Elliana so she was the only one I needed to remove.  The boys walk and I have Nathan in the carrier so, when it came time to go up, I took her out and had her ride the escalator with me.  It was great fun.

But on the way down, I somehow lost my mind.  Maybe it was a result of me not getting much sleep these days, or maybe it was the fact that I was walking through Target, on a Saturday, with five kids 7 and under without their Dad, or maybe it was just that I'm an absolute idiot and need to be reminded of this fact at times to keep me humble.  I don't know.  Yet, what I do know is this...I went from Mommy of the Year, with my beautiful children behaving wonderfully and everyone around staring, to Worst Mommy of All Time with everyone still staring in two seconds flat.

As soon as I pushed the cart into its special escalator I knew...I looked up and Elliana was still in the cart.  I panicked and tried to grab her out quickly before she slipped out of sight and down the chute.  But remember, before I was a good mommy.  And good mommies always strap their kids into the cart.  For once, I was wishing I had been a bad mommy previously so that I could be a good mommy then and rescue  my daughter out of the cart before she went down the forbidden escalator all by herself!!!  But alas, I realized quickly that Nathan was strapped to me and that if I kept trying, all three of us were going to get hurt.  So down she went.

By this time, the entire store was watching.  And I mean, everyone.  I tried to remain calm.  I quickly herded the boys down the escalator and practically ran down to the bottom as safely as I could with Nathan strapped to my front.  People's jaws were hitting the floor.  "Look, there she goes trying to save her little girl!  And she has five of them!!  Someone, get her some help!  She must've lost her mind."  In my heart, I knew Elliana would be fine.  It wasn't going to crush her or anything.  The reason kids aren't supposed to ride in them is because they don't want anyone falling out.  They're probably worried about the weight too.  I don't know.  But remember, she's as light as a feather and she was strapped in.  I had made sure of that.  If I had to be a bad mommy now, good thing I'd been a good mommy earlier or the story could've ended differently.

I've never been more embarrassed.  Most people didn't say anything.  They just judged with their eyes and a few said, "I'm glad she's okay."  I took their judgment.  I knew I deserved it.  I had done a stupid thing and I only had myself to blame.  Yet usually, such embarrassment makes for great stories and laughter after the fact.  If I can't laugh at myself during these years, then I must be taking things way too seriously!  However, in these moments, I'm definitely aware of God's utter grace to me.  How easily these follies can turn badly.  I can't remember everything.  God definitely cares for us and extends his grace.  
As we made our walk of shame to the front to pay for our stuff, I plastered a smile on my face and tried to act as normal as possible.  But deep down I was thanking God that all went as smoothly as it did and that Elliana really was fine.  It was simply a little ride for her and nothing more.  I then checked out and bolted for the car as fast as I could with my entourage in tow (which wasn't very fast).   

So there you go.  Feel better about yourself.  At least you've never sent your darling little 2-year old down the forbidden escalator at Target.  

As for me, if I ever muster the courage to go there again, which I probably will considering my determined, feisty nature (I just can't help who I was made to be huh?), I think I'll opt to use the elevator.    


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  1. Bwah ha ha :) You crack me up, friend! I love that you can share this about yourself and just laugh. I love you... and am laughing with you :)