Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Littles

When the big kids go to school, there's much more time for this....

A couple of mornings a week, Isaac and Caleb are both in school. Next year, it will be every morning. Something I have really come to cherish is the special time I get with my littles. Sometimes we play silly games or I let them do more messy things. (I also tend to get a lot of work done too!!)

The older two boys got much more of this when they were small because I had less children so, naturally, it was simpler.

Now, it's the littles turn. Playdough and paint seem much more doable when there's just two of them. It makes it easier for me to say, "Yes!!"

When there are a lot of children running around there are many benefits. There's always something to do, someone to play with, learning to share is natural, and working as a part of a team is reinforced without really trying (plus many other benefits). And personally, I think it's easier for parents to avoid the trap of partiality because there's just a lot of kids to love (not that parents of less can't avoid it, I just think it's probably harder to).

However, there can be drawbacks too. Sometimes the littler ones don't get to do as many things as the older ones did when they were little. Some of that is okay and can be let go. And then some of that has to be remedied somehow. As in, I feel strongly that I need to do something about it.

For now, this is my answer. The morning times are for them to learn, count, get their hands dirty, read with me and play. It's their turn to have these fun times with me. I can't act like I've been there and done that or like I'm too busy.

They're only little once.


  1. They must love those times with you. You're such a great mama, Nikki.

  2. I only have one, but I treasure my mornings/and afternoons with Judah. He is now at the stage where I can take him to the library and he toddles over and pics out some books and tests out his vocals in the library so we typically have to make quick get aways but I love the snuggles/book reading at home and the coloring and park breaks :-)

    I never want it to end