Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Highlights

And...I'm back!

We've had a wonderful two weeks off but today, the hubby was back to work and the kids and I were back to our normal routine. Both Isaac and Caleb start school next week so, we're enjoying these last couple of days off doing stuff around the house and running errands.

Have I ever mentioned I love running errands with my kids? I do. All four of them-yes! Today was no exception even though we stopped at a zillion places. But I'm digressing.

We truly did have a wonderful vacation. In years past there were times when it was difficult for Steve and I to find our balance with him home during the day. But this time, for some reason, we just had a really good time. I think I relaxed and he really made an effort to be involved. Plus, after he finished up with A & M, the break was just so needed that we all soaked it up.

There were so many fun things we did on break that I just can't name them all but here's a little bit of the highlights.

Hiked in the local "forest" without direct parental supervision (the Dads pretty much stayed back and let them explore on their own).

Learned new games.

Visited with family (didn't get pictures of everyone...super bummed about that!).

Opened many presents.

Played with our new presents.

Got the opportunity to spend a night out with some of our best friends from Cal Poly. Although we love getting the kids together, a night of adult conversation was beyond precious to us!!

And just made merry.

All in all, it was an amazing time of rest...a calm before the storm of next semester, which starts in two weeks.

We didn't go anywhere special (besides seeing family for Christmas) or spend a ton of money, but we had a great time. We ate out a bit, watched movies, played games and feasted on Christmas cookies.

Not a bad way to spend two weeks!

Happy to be back friends. More to come later this week.

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