Tuesday, October 25, 2011

San Luis Obispo-Need I Say More?

Nearly 500 people attended the 19th Annual AGO Pismo Football Tournament this year.

We spent another amazing weekend in San Luis Obispo soaking in family, friends, football and food! Ha! We made all of our usual stops. Our kids even know them now...Bali's frozen yogurt for some serve yourself fro yo, Mondeo's for amazing wraps, Splash Cafe for clam chowder and the Cal Poly store for some much needed paraphernalia (Meris...shhhh don't tell anyone how much paraphernalia we already have).

The newest addition.

The Kappa Alumni football team swept the tournament and all of us "old" alumni (for we are old now) got a ton of hangout time (Whitacres...boo! We missed you TREMENDOUSLY!).

Two old cronies/best pals, getting the rules for the umpteenth time. Ryan always does such a good job.

We also got to visit and stay with our San Luis Obispo family, The Weeks. They always shower us with care, great conversation and plenty of food to eat. Not only that but they blessed us with babysitting too on Saturday night so that we could hit the end of the alumni party after our kids went to bed. We ended the weekend with a family photo shoot at Avila Valley Barn, done by an old pal from Camp Hammer, who is a phenomenal photographer. Meeting her three little ones afterward was such a delight.

It is such a joy to see all of our kids playing together!!

Gotta have some strategy to beat those young'ins...looked like it worked.

All in all, the kids were troopers, slept great and had a blast themselves. Traveling is getting a bit easier. Besides Elliana throwing Joshua's asthma inhalers in the trash (and subsequently them getting left in SLO) there weren't any snafus to think of. And those medicines were found and will be here sometime in the next week or so. Gotta love those little hands.

One of the best parts of the trip is always explaining to the kids why San Luis Obispo is so important to us. Besides it being the home to Cal Poly, the best university in the world (Ha!), it's where we dated and spent our first three years married. Isaac loves to announce that he was born there saying, "There's my hospital!!" as we drive past good ole' French Hospital on our way to the Weeks. That does encapsulate a lot of what is special about SLO, him making us parents there...however, really it's so special because it's where we began. It's the first few chapters of our history. As we drove them all past the AGO House where Steve lived for a few years during college, Steve pointed out the sandwich place next door where he used to go buy sandwiches. And then I said, "Yeah and that curb is where Daddy loved to kiss Mommy goodnight." They all just died laughing. That cute little Americana town always be home. Even though we don't live there anymore, a lot of memories line those streets-a lot of very special, wonderful times.

Now it's back to reality. I'm just doing laundry and getting caught back up.

But I'm glad for weekends like this last one as busy as it was. We got to have Daddy with us all weekend and we got to be in one of the most beautiful towns in America with a bunch of people we love.

These guys will be friends forever.

My girls...love you guys. There were definitely a bunch missing BUT, it was still wonderful to catch up with the ones who were there.

Totally worth all of the effort to get there.

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