Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing Finer...

Than a 49er! Isaac got to attend his first professional football game yesterday and of course he LOVED it!

We share season tickets with a few people in our extended families and so for the last few seasons we've had access to attending a couple of home games. Isaac has just gotten into sports a little bit more this summer with the World Cup and baseball season. He can often tell you the score of the last Giants' game and is very concerned when they're not winning. starts young. Anyhow, going to the game was our birthday gift to him. I worried a bit that he wouldn't think we got him anything this year since he couldn't "open" our present. But he understood what was going on and counted down the days until the game. As you can see, he definitely enjoyed himself quite a bit.

Steve's parents had the other two tickets for this game so Isaac got to go with his Daddy and grandparents. What a fun night out!!

Sometime in January Steve will take Caleb. But in honor of Dad and big brother going, Caleb had to get dressed up too. He didn't feel too left out though because he got Mommy all to himself while the littles slept and we ate popcorn. Not bad.

And I'm happy to say that the 49ers won! Take that Bret Favre!! Ha ha ha! But needless to say, we were relieved that Isaac's first experience at a game was a good one. I'm sure he'll remember it for years to come.

And just as a sidenote: yes, I like football. Yes, I watch football. And yes, I watched the game online, on the laptop, in the kitchen, during dinner!! Not normally the way I roll but...there can be exceptions every once in awhile, especially since I've got to know what happened in the game to be able to "analyze" it with the husband when he gets home! It's for my marriage people!

Here's to a great season!! Go 49ers!


  1. Hey...We watched the game too! The outcome was very pleasing here in PackerLand (believe me, it tops the news when the Vikings lose and when Favre does anything)! We were excited to see the Niners doing so well. Sounds like a fun night for all!

  2. What a great time at the game!! The 49ers should really be thankful they have such an enthusiastic young fan who 'high-fives' every first down, touchdown, and completed pass.

    Isaac, I had such a good time sitting next to you at the game. GO 49ers! Lots of love, Grandma

  3. I love all the 49ers jerseys on the boys and that you're starting 'em young! So cute!