Thursday, August 26, 2010

Changing Dynamics

Now that Isaac is in school, Joshua and Caleb have been hamming it up at home. Of course, without big brother there to tell everyone what to do, they also fight quite a bit. It reminds me of when Isaac and Caleb had to learn to play together a few years back! But I know that they'll get the hang of things eventually. I've also been amazed at how much their lack of a leader (big brother) really affects the dynamics of our home in the mornings. Caleb's having to learn how to step up and be a good example, and Joshua is learning how to be a playmate rather than a third wheel. These are all very good things but the transition can still be a bit interesting! Needless to say, they haven't had any shortage of things to do. As you can see.

Last week Steve asked me if it was easier having one less kid in the house for the morning time. I just balked at him. Easier?! Are you kidding? I just got rid of the easiest one!! And he directs traffic for me a lot more than I even realized! What would be easier would be to get rid of this precious little rascal for a little bit. Ha! But not too long...I'd miss him way too much.

I guess it's good for me though. I'm getting a lot of great time with the younger two boys and I'm better able to deal with some attitudes and behaviors that rear their ugly head from time to time. And that is due to a sheer numbers deal--the parent-to-child ratio has shrunk.

And how is Elliana taking it all? Well, I don't think she's noticed her big brother being gone too much. She's been wasting all of her time sleeping, eating and lookin' pretty. It's definitely hard work being a two month old but even so, she's making it look like a piece of cake.

We're not necessarily doing everything correctly and we're not totally organized and in our routine yet (shhhh...don't tell my oldest-Mr. Details; he'd have a fit and be trying to put us all back in line) but we're still having a pretty good time. If we have to be without him now, then we might as well live it up.

It'll help the time go faster and make it so we don't miss him.

Well, at least not TOO much.

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