Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Night Out

So last week was our 8th anniversary and it was a bit festive. We didn't get to celebrate much on the day since we have a newborn and our babysitters were out of town but we did get to go through our year in review and have some time together after all the kids were down. Such is the life right now. We also had a surprise visit from my mentor from San Luis Obispo. That was a wonderful surprise indeed!! But last night, the grandparents were back and we were able to go out (with the baby of course) and have a fancy-pants dinner and spend an evening in Pacific Grove. It was a wonderful night out.

First of all, I didn't quite know how this princess would do because she isn't totally predictable at this point in her short life but she looked cute decked out in her party dress and she ended up being a dream. We got the perfect table in the corner away from everyone and that was providence itself because then I didn't feel awkward about nursing her right next to an elderly couple. She's not exactly quiet you know as she slurps down her supper and the restaurant is a small one so it's pretty tight quarters. After that she slept quite well in the Mobey and when she got restless of that, she went into her car seat and her Dad rocked her while we talked. Perfect.

This is the adorable little restaurant we went to. It's located in Pacific Grove just a stone's throw away from the oceanfront. Pacific Grove is right next to Monterey. I hadn't been back to this area since the Half Marathon in November (we actually ran right past the Red House) so it was fun to go back and drive along the race course and remember the race. It seems so long ago...just a lot has happened since then I guess. I can't wait to strap on my shoes again. Soon.

Pacific Grove reminds me a lot of San Luis Obispo with just a bit of a more mature feel. It's such an expensive area I think only older retired folk live there. But it has such character and old Victorians like this one line the streets of downtown. I could spend hours walking around and looking at all the little shops too.

We're so lucky to have both grandparents in the area. Without them, we wouldn't be able to go out as often as we do. Truth be told, we don't go out often at all but...if it wasn't for them and their generosity to us, we'd NEVER go out. So thanks so much guys! We actually got to go out twice by ourselves this last week. We went out once over the weekend to a friend's graduation party-my parents took that watch. And last night we snuck away for our anniversary-Steve's parents came for that one. We're so blessed.

And this is just for fun. My buddy took this picture of Elliana at the graduation party on Saturday. I just love this little girl...I can't get enough of her (except in the middle of the night of course). We've almost made it through the first six weeks which I feel like are always the hardest. It hasn't been too bad. Although my feelings about our transition may vary depending on which day you're asking and how much sleep I got the night before. Side note: lately she's been giving me one four hour stretch, resulting in about three hours of straight sleep for me...utter and complete bliss, I might add. This sleep causes me to feel incredibly rested the next day by the way! But both of us commented last night that we've almost gotten to the point that we can't quite remember life without her-well, almost.

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  1. We're so thankful for you both, and we had such a good time watching those little boys. We can't believe it's been 8 years since your wedding. The Lord has truly blessed us with your precious family for which we are so thankful.