Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Getaway

So every year we make a trip in late March/early April to good ole San Luis Obispo to visit the Weeks for Debbi's birthday. We still end up visiting San Luis more often than that during the rest of the year, due to various AGO alumni events and other happenings, but every spring we go for the annual birthday. After we moved, I realized Debbi would probably much prefer having us there with her, since we don't get to see her all that much, than have a new book or something. This last week was our annual birthday trip.

As the kids have gotten older it has really become much more fun to travel with them. It's still a lot of work but they aren't babies anymore...minus Josh that is. So, I get to think of all of the great places that I can take them and we've even developed some fun traditions over the years. We always go to Mitchell Park at least once (this last trip we went and based on my love for Bali's, we visit the frozen yogurt shop quite frequently...okay, every day that we're there basically. Yes, even in winter. We don't have good frozen yogurt here so I figure it's okay to pack it in for two or three days, if it's only three times a year. There...Justified.

We did tons of things but here are some fun highlights:
-Visited my old co-workers from Family Care Network. If any of you live on the Central Coast you should consider doing Miracle Miles for Kids 10K Walk/Run on April 17th to raise money for this amazing organization. I can't believe it's been seven years since we started that event. Seems like yesterday.
-Rode bikes all the way downtown to get Bali's the first night we were there. The kids were so tired afterward, as it's a long way down there, but they did great. They also got to see the train station on their way down which was a major plus.
-Frequented Mitchell Park once a day for some major play.
-Rode bikes on the bike trail.
-Had fun "kid food" for dinner like chicken nuggets and fries. The boys loved it.
-Saw Jill and baby Jude. Such a blessing (especially to me).
-Went to McDonald's for some happy meals and ice cream.
-Saw some of our friends from Grace like Steve's old boss, Ken Peet and a few others. Hassons, we missed you terribly. Even this morning my boys asked if they could still see Suzannah, Charlotte and Elizabeth. Hope you're all better and we'll catch you next time!!
-Drove through Cal Poly's campus to see where Mommy and Daddy met and where we went to college. After that we drove past the Veteran's Building where there is a "real tank." I think that was a major highlight...the "real tank" and the "BIG GUN".

First ice cream cone...they've had ice cream just not on a cone. Of course they felt so big.

But three days without Daddy is just too long, especially for me, so we came home last night full of joy from our wonderful trip, but so glad to see our favorite man in the world...Steve. As I lay next to my hubby last night I thought, "God is so kind to feels so good to be home."


  1. sounds wonderful! Know what you mean about the lack of frozen yogurt! Nobody's even heard of it out here! I need to start one like Bali's!

  2. The best frozen yogurt is found in Burlington, Wisconsin at Adrian's. They only make choc. and vanilla, and then have a special flavor of the day. They are only open from Spring to Fall, and closed in the winter. Theirs has to be the best ever.