Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Blessed Weekend

We've had some unexpected things going on lately but God really blessed me this weekend. Here are some highlights.

Tons of family time. The boys love to "play" along with Daddy while he plays the piano. After dinner Steve usually plays the piano for awhile. It's a great relaxer for him and we all love the music.

I received (and have received over the last couple of weeks) an abundance of baby girl hand-me-downs and brand new clothes given to me from friends and grandparents. I've been so humbled by the generosity of others. We don't even know where to put it all yet. Thank you, thank you!

I purchased this adorable little tutu (my only purchase so far) for baby girl that I found at Babies R Us. I wanted to get her one so badly and when I saw it and I saw it was a great price, I had to get it!! Too bad she can't wear it until she's at least a year!!

I have had lots of cuddle time with my little toddler (who will hardly cuddle anymore) due to a fever and feeling under the weather. Poor little guy.

And the sweetest thing of all--a dozen roses from my boys just because. Evidently, when Isaac was out with his Dad running errands yesterday, he told him, "My mom would really like those flowers. Can we get them for her?" So of course, my husband obliged him and they brought them home.

I also got to catch up with a dear friend, who I love very much, on the phone, take a few walks, get some much needed sleep and have a great talk with my best friend-my husband. God is good and He always takes care of us.

Hope your weekend was blessed too.

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