Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Time

For the fourth time in five years, I've come to the point where I need to hang up my shoes and cease running for awhile. I knew it was going to come at some time I just didn't really know when. But my body has been showing signs of needing to slow down after I've gone on a few relatively easy and short runs lately and so I figure it must be time.

Running to me is like an old companion. I've been doing it regularly since junior high (except for a period of time in college when I stopped for awhile). Sometimes it takes a bit to break your shoes back in but after a short period of time, your feet fly again, your heart races and the wind runs through your hair giving a sense of freedom and stress relief that no other exercise can--at least for me. But for now, it's on hold. Once again, my body must rest, gain strength, and nurture a little one inside. It's time for less strenuous activities. It's time to walk again.

But soon enough, I know that once I've rested and once this new little one has come, I'll somehow find the time to run. Because to me, there's nothing like an early morning run when it's cold outside and the sun is showing all His glory in bright pinks, purples and bursting yellows. These are the mornings that help me get through the day caring for my children. For when I've emptied myself physically and spent time in God's creation learning, knowing and seeing who He is, I feel like it's a new day and I can keep going. Running off frustrations and worries and filling my mind with good things, always keeps me headed in the right direction. It's also one of the only times I get to be by myself to think, reflect and to pray.

But there are seasons in life and like many seasons before, it's time. Soon enough I'll feel this little one rolling around inside and sooner than I know I'll be holding this baby in my arms. And when I feel strong enough again, I'll pull those shoes back on, step out into the day and feel that familiar urge inside to go and pound the pavement.

For now it's time. But soon enough, I'll be back.

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