Thursday, November 8, 2012

Belated Halloween

Well, I decided to take my sweet time with these pictures.  Sorry for the delay.  I'm sure you were all on the edges of your seats waiting!  Ha!  These are mostly for the grandparents.
Halloween round these parts is a big affair.  It always is.  This year was no different.  I love Halloween.  I know some people don't approve of it but, I love it.  I love any sort of reason to celebrate.  And what kid doesn't love dressing up and getting treats!  Our only rule is that our kids can't dress up like "the other team" with scary or evil costumes.  We're Christians so we want to represent Christ in how we dress.  Other than that, they can have at it!!

We had quite a few cute little people all dressed up.  We had a Giants player, technically Brian Wilson (injured Giants pitcher), Cinderella complete with her own pair of glass slippers (thanks Mom), a valiant Knight and the cutest elephant I've ever seen.  Joshua's favorite stuffed animal is his Doey, or better known as an elephant.  So he wanted to be a Doey.  We had to make his costume since every elephant outfit I saw was over $50 (thanks Grandpa for the safety ear phones-they helped make the perfect ears).
He looked adorable.
 Elliana with her best pal Evangeline.  These two are thick as thieves.
Our diamond in the rough.  We only own one girl movie and it is Cinderella.  Naturally, she loves it.
The fearless Knight!!  We've had that suit of armor since Isaac and Caleb were toddlers.  Amazing it's lasted so long!  My two eldest are growing too fast for me.  I just adore them so much.
And the cutest little pumpkin you ever did see.  Three out of my four boys have worn this outfit and I must say, I love it.  Little Nathan helped me pass out candy to the neighborhood.
Pre-trick-or-treating pictures with the neighbors.  We're so thankful we live in such a safe, non-scary place to go hunting for candy.
They all came back with loads of candy.  This mama is trying her darndest NOT to eat it.  I've been sending it in lunches and letting them eat a piece after dinner.  Pretty soon I'll have to start throwing some of it away.  Come on people, I'm trying to fit back into my clothes by Christmas (which is my Christmas present to myself)!  I've got to get that stinking candy outta here!!

All in all, it was a pretty fun Halloween.

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