Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nesting Treasures

Well my friends, we had an awesome 10th Anniversary.  More on that later.  And now that Steve is done teaching summer school, our anniversary is over, and some of our best friends have moved (more on that later too), we're just finishing out the last two weeks of A & M and I feel like I can finally nest.  I've been doing one big project a day.  Today the kids helped me tackle the playroom.  It was probably the first time I haven't given a ton of toys away.  We've finally whittled ourselves down to the basics that get played with here-trains, blocks, legos (big and little), board games, puzzles, tinker toys, guns and cars.  Elliana also has her doll stuff and kitchen.  So instead of making decisions on stuff to give away, we tossed trash, put pieces back in their spots and just re-organized.  It felt great. 
But I also found some great little treasures while we cleaned stuff out.  I found this letter from Caleb telling me, "Dear Mom, you look pretty."  In his own words of course.  That's a nice thing for a mom to hear when she's got just about two weeks left.  Perfect timing. 
And then I found this replica of Steve one of the boys made for him this past Father's Day.  Hilarious!  That needs to go to his classroom. 
This past month has been really busy with lots to take in, think about, say goodbye to and also celebrate.  So I'm glad for these last two weeks to just clean, have Steve study during the day and be around at night (mostly so I can pass out with the kids), and take things a bit more slowly before #5 arrives.  Although I am going to have to pull-off some sort of birthday party for my nearly 7-year-old because he is at the age where he needs a party and the baby is arriving three days before his (and his Dad's) birthday.  I'm thinking pizza, Dads and sons, and playing baseball (and a hardy thanks to my lovely friend Allison for the idea). 

 It won't be long now.


  1. You're darling. And amazing. Wish I could come over in the evenings and share them with you (while we're husbandless, of course). Btw, I LOVED your Love Story. Thanks for writing it out.

    1. Oh Jenny...me too!! I so wish we could just wile away the hours while our respective husbands were out fighting their dragons. I think of you and pray for you often. Just a few days left now. And thanks for the encouragement about our story. It was really fun to write and I got the idea from you! Thanks!