Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Boys

All of my boys are so different.  So it's really fun to think about what this next boy will be like.  How different can he be from the other three?  One of the joys of watching them grow is seeing what they're interested in.  My oldest child is so into baseball right now, especially the Giants, that we literally have to keep his fetish in check.  We let him watch the highlights of the game on the computer and every night that there's a game, he gets to fall asleep listening to it on the radio.  But he knows every player, their stats, all the rules of the game, and we'll often hear him cheering/clapping when a good play is made once he's in bed.  He has fallen hard for America's favorite pastime.

Little Joshua is very into working outside.  He loves dirt, he loves trucks, he loves messy things and he loves hard work.  Often he will outwork his older brothers (with outside chores that is).  He's got some brawn to him and his favorite thing to do, besides stacking wood, is to work with his Daddy in the garden, filling his wagon with things to load up into the truck to be carted away on a trash run.
And Caleb, he's always been our builder.  Both older boys have their Dad's math mind (we don't particularly know about Joshua yet, nor does it matter much... he is who he is).  But Caleb, like I've mentioned before, is also very interested in Physics.  He wants to know why and how everything in the world works.  And when he builds something, there is always a rhyme or reason to how he makes it all work together.  Recently, he and I did some experimenting with levers and yesterday morning, he was delighted he was able to make his spoon balance on his oatmeal bowl by equally distributing its weight.  "This side is longer than that side Mom."  He said very matter-of-factly.  "But it works because this side has the spoon on it.  They weigh the same."  He literally wouldn't eat another bite of oatmeal until I took a picture of it (to show Dad later).  Cracking me up.   
Last night, he gave us another glimpse into his little mind, when he built his first "machine".

He called it his Printer.

Both Steve and I had no idea what he was doing as he gathered his materials.  It looked like a bunch of junk at first.  But then, it all started to come together, taking shape and after much sweat and determination on his part, he had built his first machine.  And the best part of it all, is that it worked.

Hope you all enjoy his little presentation. 

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