Monday, November 7, 2011

On High Horses

Excerpted from one of my favorite little books of poetry...Sketches of Home by Suzanne Clark.

I sing of words preposterous, of speed lemons and babloons and music to my nose (the smell of coffee). I sing of blood jumping up and down and kicking its feet, the way you once described excitement. I sing of runful and jumpful. Blessed be your verbs: "Mommy, I drinkdid a glass of water," "I wroot you a letter," "I holded on," "I bees happy." Off you go on high horses, two jesters juggling cockeyed words into my straight and narrow air.

From Caleb telling Isaac that he's, "The apple of his eye." To Joshua constantly yelling, "Mommy, I'm trying to get your attention!!" when I don't respond right away. To Isaac reading his "Sille" Story for the hundredth time to Elliana proudly announcing, "Dump!" as she pours out my water bottle on the floor.

The amount of words and language that run through this household on a daily basis is absurd yet so beautiful in its own sort of way. Everyone on their different levels.

Isaac practicing picking out verbs/nouns/adjectives in a sentence (Miss Brown, you're amazing)...Caleb sounding out simple phonetic words and lighting up that he can do it...Joshua saying the funniest thing that comes to mind in the most sophisticated way he can making everyone laugh...Ellie speaking a language only she knows that often sounds a lot like Chinese.

It's all there. Overheard. By me alone.

I'm pretty lucky to be privy to such things. I better cherish it. Write it on the tablet of my heart like a love song. It's all just too precious.


  1. Oh, Nikki! What beautiful family photos! You're family is so darling!! How blessed you are friend. Love you!

  2. i love this sweet post of sweet words and phrases that will be in your heart forever...and, i had to write a comment to say that your new pictures are absolutely fabulous. i love them! you all look wonderful and they capture your sweet family so well. i so wish we lived closer to you all.

  3. Ummm... I LOVE this post. And I want to write it all down too. Bella just said something so precious last night too and it reminded me of this. And of course, it goes without saying... those photos of you and your family are STUNNING!!

  4. What sweet new photos! You guys look fabulous!

  5. Thanks so much you guys! My friend Shelly is truly an amazing photographer (totally a professional) and did these for us when we went down to SLO. It was the first time we've ever had family pictures done. Seriously, it was so much fun. I think we're going to have to do it every year. If any of you live in the Santa Barbara area, look Shelly up. She's amazing.